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Bihar At a Glance - Visit the State of Bihar, India

One of the 28 states of India, Bihar is situated in the eastern part of the country. Bihar is a land-locked state sharing boundaries with the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and also the neighbouring country Nepal. The state of Bihar is divided into two unequal halves the River Ganges, which flows through the middle from west to east. Bihar is criss-crossed by many other rivers such as Kosi River, Mahananda River and Gandak River.

In short, Bihar is an economically backward state with very poor literacy rate and employment opportunities. However, people are very simple and friendly in nature. And the common people believe on ‘Atithi Devo Bhawa’ that means guests are like god. Visit the charming land of Bihar and experience a journey of lifetime.

Governance of Bihar

Honourable Governor: Devanand Konwar

Chief Minister: Nitish Kumar

Deputy Chief Minister: Sushil Kumar Modi

Physical Features of Bihar

Latitude: 24°-20'-10" ~ 27°-31'-15" N

Longitude: 82°-19'-50" ~ 88°-17'-40" E

Total Area: 94,163.00 sq. kms

Rural Area: 92,257.51 sq. kms

Urban Area: 1,095.49 sq. kms

Height above Sea Level : 173 Feet

Normal Rainfall: 1,205 mm

Avg. Number of Rainy Days: 52.5 Days in a Year

Administrative Units of Bihar

Districts: 38

Divisions: 09

Sub-Divisions: 101

CD Blocks: 534

Panchayats: 8,471

Number of Revenue Villages: 45,103

Number of Urban Agglomerations: 9

Number of Towns: 130 (Statutory Towns 125 & Non-Statutory Towns 5)

Police Stations 853

- Civil Police Stations: 813

- Railway Police Stations: 40

Police Districts: 43

- Civil Police District: 39

- Railway Police District: 4

Key Statistics - as per 2001 Census (Provisional)

Population of Bihar: 8,28,78,796

- Male: 4,31,53,964

- Female: 3,97,24,832

Population (0~6 Years Group)

- In Absolute Numbers: 1,62,34,539

- Males: 83,75,532

- Females:78,59,007

Percentage of Total Population: 19.59%

- Males: 19.41%

- Females: 19.78%
Literacy in Bihar

- In Absolute Numbers: 3,16,75,607

- Males: 2,09,78,955

- Females: 1,06,96,652

- Percentage of Total Population: 47.53%

- Males: 60.32%

- Females: 33.57%

Highest Literacy Rate: Patna, 63.82%

Lowest Literacy Rate: Kishanganj, 31.02%

Decadal Population Growth (1991-2001) 130

- Absolute: 1,83,48,242

- As Percentage: 28.43%

Average Population of a District: 22,39,967 l

Highest Decadal Growth at Sheohar District (36.16%)

Lowest Decadal Growth at Nalanda District (18.64%)

Density of Population 880 per sq kms

- Highest Density: Patna, 1471 per sq kms

- Lowest Density: Kaimur, 382 per sq kms

Sex Ratio (Females/Thousand Males): 921

- Highest Ratio: Siwan (1,033)

- Lowest Ratio: Patna (873)

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